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Production continuity and Efficiency

Discover why top manufacturing companies rely on

E-metrix to revolutionize production processes and optimize OEE

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Top Manufacturing Companies Rely on
E-metrix for Revolutionary Production Processes and Optimized OEE

E-metrix has become the go-to solution for top manufacturing companies looking to revolutionize their production processes and optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Real-time downtime tracking

Get notified and define stop reasons for a specific process and make every stop actionable and easily trackable. Easily differentiate between
planned and unplanned stops on every shift and production line. Track occurrence, duration and reason. Gain knowledge of
your production process as a whole.

Transparent manufacturing

Increase visibility throughout the production floor by transparently showing the current efficiency of every machine and operator. Inform all relevant stakeholders and enable them to contribute in the process of machine utilization growth.

Increase productivity by up to 50%

Industry research claims that the average OEE factor of the production companies that do not measure it constantly, is below 40%. Knowing that the industry average maximum is around 84% (A=90%, P=95%, Q=98%), gives a room for more than 100% increase in OEE. However, we are confident that an increase of up to 50% is achievable considering the limitations and specifics of the process in general.

True machine efficiency with OEE

How we measure and analyze data matters. We are using the OEE industry standard to measure and analyze the 6 Big Losses in every manufacturing plant and then translate them into the 3 main pillars of OEE: 
  - Availability

  - Performance

  - Quality

With this approach, we are ensuring that the data is reliable, actionable and resilient to human errors

Revolutionize your manufacturing process with E-metrix

Modern and competitive manufacturing companies has difficulties and every day struggle in meeting the order deadlines and maximize output while satisfying the quality standards. With e-metrix, we help our clients gain visibility, transparency and accuracy of the performance and machine downtime by combining the power of latest sensors, networks and cloud technologies making it available, precise and affordable to all-size companies.

E-metrix is perceived as a platform that records, tracks and digitizes every machine stop and downtime. Our clients says that this is a must-have tool in every production floor that it pays itself immediately and provide relevant data to the management helping them plan the growth and scale roadmap of the company.

Pricing options

Find one that works for you

  • Power Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for home and small production facilities
    Valid for 12 months
    • 24/7 real-time production monitoring
    • Personalized downtime reasons
    • Refresh interval: 15s
    • Configurable stop detection algorithm
    • 30-day money back guaranty
  • Best Value

    Pro Plan

    Every month
    Sutable for full-time production companies
    Valid for 12 months
    • 24/7 real-time production monitoring
    • Personalized downtime reasons
    • Refresh interval: 5s
    • Configurable stop detection algorithm
    • 30-day money back guaranty
    • Software configuration and training
    • User roles and management (Admin, Operators, Engineers...)
  • Enterprise Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for large enterprises with multiple plants
    Valid for 12 months
    • Private VPN
    • Additional security
    • Prioritized customer support
    • Unlimited users

Tablet, sensors and gateways are sold separately

  • Does this service support my machine?
    E-metrix is using an industrial gateway which is compatible with many sensors that can be installed on any machine to measure and count the output. This functionality makes e-metrix adaptive to almost any process and machine. Currently we are supporting the following sensors: - Inductive sensor - Capacitive sensor - Photo sensor - Relay If you have more specific questions or interest in general, please reach out. Our team is more then willing to help you.
  • Can I start with smaller number of machines and then extend the service to my full production?
    Yes. You can always start with smaller number of machines and then buy additional licenses for the rest of the production. Our pricing strategy is based on machine meaning, you are only paying for the machines connected to the platform. We are open to communicate with you and helping figuring out the maximum return of investment and the number of processes that you can start with. Please reach out to us through our channels.

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